Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

sensitivity makes me can't control my self.
i turned my mood off by my self.
stop speaking or even smiling.
some one and so do one of my UFO's senior,
told me that they annoyed by my voice
if being my self is wrong
who's i should be?

reach my dream step by step

i was sitting all alone in my room
thinking about how to love communication science
thinking about what should i do in my future
thinking about this blog.

i do love this blog
i love what i've wrote even if my writing is stupid and my english is bad
for sure,
i love the way i named it melukis pelangi
there was no philosophy why i named it melukis pelangi,
perhaps, it just because i really really love red, orange, yellow, green, blue, nila, and violet
it just because I DO love RAINBOW
i have a blocknotes, with this blog's header as the cover
i always write all the things i wanna write there

i really enjoy creating a BLOCK NOTES
after i created a blocknotes for my self and somefriends for free,
there was another friends, asked me to created the same.
and now, i'm absolutely fall in love with this job
creating a blocknotes.
my blocknotes.

this is Dessy Rachma

she was one of my client
this blocknotes is belong to her.

btw just by text me, you can have that one too. :p


i am Astrini,
a girl who starts to move
reachs her dreams step by step
proudly presents;

block notes maker
order at:
or send me an email