Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

kado untuk Gabby Kharismatika

Simple. But still beautiful
Like you, in your 19th :D
HAPPY CAKE DAY, birthday girl!

This blue sky is just waiting for you to make its clouds clear!
Me love you forever and ever, honey.

semoga mau makan sayur dan spaghetti buatanku yah
di usiamu yang sudah tidak muda lagi ini.

wehooo, she lived with me since she was born 19th years ago! :D

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

ANO, where everything can be reflected by him

My Name is Ano.
Astrini brought me from a fish seller on Sunday Morning Market about 26 days ago.
26 days ago.. When Anggano left and let her down.

I live at Astrini's messy room
she gave me food once a day, hhmmm a same food every day.
To be honest, i want to eat some different food like nyam-nyam, ciki or beng-beng
I scream as loud as i can to tell her
but she NEVER, NEVER, NEVER heard me.
oooh damn you, As!

She never let me watching television together with her
she never let me know about her problems,
but.. i dont know, i feel so in love with her
i promise my self to always keep her

Hmm, i guess i have a friend who always take a good care of Astrini..
Astrini called him Bebear
i think he is a good -enough- boy
he always makes Astrini smile when she have a bad time
sometimes he makes Astrini cries,
but i know..
both of them have a bond that -very-hard-to-break-;

jangan sedih Astrini! Ada Bebear dan aku! :D

Selasa, 15 Juni 2010


betapa mahal harga kunci ini.
menghabisakan 3 hari jatah makanku di Jogja
dan memakan kurang lebih 1/3 kepercayaan dan kekagumanku pada Bear.

betapa ia memberi cerita tentang pengorbanan Decintia.
Thx dear.

Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

just the way i am.

*i have finished my CV and ready to send it to PT. DAGADU Yogyakarta*
here is it
is it important and have a meaning for you?

well, i can't answer any of smart and critical questions.
-realased of my stupidity which live at my fucking brain since a long long long time ago-
i don't get what Karl Marx or Hitler or even Salman said about
i can't write or speak english well
i don't understand about who is the boy who ever be Sherena Golmez's love, what is the brand of shoes she wore or what's award she ever accapted
i even started to listen Kattie Perry recently, once again RECENTLY
i swear in my life, i started to read Go Girl in the beginning of my 1st semester in my collage

i never be the first to be remembered
i never be someone important to be called
i can do a lot of things
but i can't be a master
of anything even something!

Anom (my UFO's friend) said he abhors to look at my face
Derry (my collage's mate) said my face is so scary!
a lot of my ex boy friend's friend ban him to have a relation ship with me in the beginning of our story, because i'm ugly
Hahaha but it doesn't matter for me :D

realased of when you need Susilo and my weak knowledge
realased of when you need Rio and my time
realased of when you need everything that i can give to you

i know, you guys love me
i know, you guys accept me

this is me.
this is ASTRINI.
with all of my excess and lacks

*sorry for the fucking mellowdramatic words in this post*

Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

madiun where i grew up :D

it can't even makes me understand about

"if a girl and boy hang out together,
it doesn't mean that both of them have some affair"

here is where i grew up
here is where i met my mother, father, sisters, families, friends, best friends, teachers, and even foos.
here is where i did right and wrong
here is where i have dated with my ex boy friends
here is where i found my soulmate

here is..

aku kampungan?
biar :p