Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

but i will never delete you from my lovely people list

Mbak Cantik Yang I Adore So Much.. (mcyiasm)
for god sake
for my photo exhibition sake
and for everything
i don't mind to disturb your relation ship
i just want to make my promise comes true

can you stop tweeting or updating status about begging me to stop spoil your BF?
hei NO NO i don't mind to spoil your BF and even another girls's
don't let your self doing a stupid think such as giving
too much protection to your BF, you are too worth to do like that!
you make your self seem like a security.

i swear, i adore you so much.
you are so beautifull, you are so strong, you are so cool, and smart for sure
we have shared so many things that happened to us
i feel so deep enjoy to tell you about my story
i let you know, mcyiasm.. I'm hurt. So-much-hurt i mean
but what can i do?
the more i move
the more you blame me
but i will never 'safe' you like you ever did to me :p
i'll let you make all the peoples think that i'm the one who did wrong, i'm cruel, i'm bastard or even i'm bitch
it's up to you
it's not because i want to take people's attantion
it's not because i want to get people's sympathy
perhaps, it's just because i'm "kampungan". :p

get a happy life mcyiasm.

you were begging me to quit..
yes.. i'll quit!

Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

faithfull and unfaithfull

Sari: "i cant live without you, Beib. You know that"
Dika: "i will never let you go sweety and i will always here beside you!"

................................................................. a year later

Dika: "hai Sari would you come to my wedding party? I'll marry Diana next month"
Sari:"i.. ii.. iii don't even have an idea to find someone else but you"

.you have to be faithfull to yours.



After long time got no confidence to be a photo model ehm, finally i have a power to told about my desire to have a serious photoshot to ROBITU HUKAMA. A guy who finally decided to gave his soul to PHOTOGRAPHY. :D
the other important person of this photoshot was KIKI MELACLARA.

That was the best afternoon i ever had #too much haha.
Having a very very good time to take a lot of pictures.
My pictures and his pictures. Well, our pictures i mean. :D
enjoy.. :D
(sorry for the ugly of mine)

a boy beside me was Bagus Indro Nugroho

he makes me smile
he makes me happy
he makes me broken heart
he makes me sad
he makes me cry
he makes me learn
he makes me feel this world

friend? NO
best friend? NO
well then.. No No No he is not my boyfriend too.. :D
we are more than just in a relation ship.
we are more than just a girl and a boy who spend their time in the mall and go home together.
we are soulmate. Yes soulmate. At least for our self and in our mind . :D

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

semoga bahagia..


making love with photoshop in the middle of the night

i've made some 'stupid' photo story from my young sister photo's collection.
I guess i start to falling in love (again) with photoshop and making another photo story.

Senin, 05 Juli 2010

a call for your Mama

hai. Today is 5th Juli 2010.
-it-supposed-to-be a very happy day for your Mama. (-and-me-) :D
yeaaaah it's MAMA's birthday :D
i called your Mama this morning, i pushed her phone number from my home's telphone
tut.. tut.. tut..
"HALO!" hmm kinda nervous since a long long time i have no time to meet your mom
"Halo" she said. Sounds like your Mama so excited with a girl who called her up.
"Tante, this is Achi" i told her..
"Oh, Achi" Hmm, don't know why, sounds like she lost her interest to talk with me since she knew that i called her, she perhaps thought about a girl who broke her son's heart so that she was getting bored.
my tears were going to fall but i had to great her..
"Happy Birthday Tante"
"Oh ya thank you"
"Are you home now?"
"Yes tante"
and silence.
well to be honest i wanted to heard she spoke.. "Come to our house achi" (like usually) but she didn't. What a pity, am i? haha
i try to continued our chit chat so that i could broke the ice over us. I said blablabla but-finally mama said
"oke then"
"hmm oke tante daaaah"
tuuuut.. tuuuttt.. tuuttt.. my heart was beating so fast.
yeah, everybody's change
including Mama
maybe-she-hates-me or maybe she wants to continue her task
yes, yeah, suuuure!! She wants to continue her task
from my deepest heart Tante..

Me love you even if you don't :D