Rabu, 21 April 2010

21st night is in the house!

21st night came to my life at that afternoon.
they are absolutely COOL and adorable.


he is KIDO, the keyboardist of 21st night.
I want to have a boyfriend like him..
I'm sure that he is a romantic man. Hahaha
Can't imagine if there's a man plays his piano just to say 'i love you' to me.
OOOOOOOOOHHHH.-freak me! hahaha.
Btw, look at him. Fedora, polo shirt, and piano. It just pretty PERFECT shit!

i love one of their song, called 'terbaik untukmu'.
They covered this one from an old Indonesian group band named 'TIC BAND".
Apperently, this song is memorably for Kido when he was in senior high school :D

Start from that afternoon, I AM A BIGGEST FANS OF TWENTY FIRST NIGHT. Of course for sure..

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