Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

just the way i am.

*i have finished my CV and ready to send it to PT. DAGADU Yogyakarta*
here is it
is it important and have a meaning for you?

well, i can't answer any of smart and critical questions.
-realased of my stupidity which live at my fucking brain since a long long long time ago-
i don't get what Karl Marx or Hitler or even Salman said about
i can't write or speak english well
i don't understand about who is the boy who ever be Sherena Golmez's love, what is the brand of shoes she wore or what's award she ever accapted
i even started to listen Kattie Perry recently, once again RECENTLY
i swear in my life, i started to read Go Girl in the beginning of my 1st semester in my collage

i never be the first to be remembered
i never be someone important to be called
i can do a lot of things
but i can't be a master
of anything even something!

Anom (my UFO's friend) said he abhors to look at my face
Derry (my collage's mate) said my face is so scary!
a lot of my ex boy friend's friend ban him to have a relation ship with me in the beginning of our story, because i'm ugly
Hahaha but it doesn't matter for me :D

realased of when you need Susilo and my weak knowledge
realased of when you need Rio and my time
realased of when you need everything that i can give to you

i know, you guys love me
i know, you guys accept me

this is me.
this is ASTRINI.
with all of my excess and lacks

*sorry for the fucking mellowdramatic words in this post*

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  1. aghhhh suka mb kerennn tuh CV ny...
    hayoooo ajarin memey dong mb buat ngedit2 lagi :(