Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Letter to You.

Dear, You..
How was your trip home, btw?
Well, i would like to say thanks for your time, for your smile, and for your hand when i finally met you.
We were holding hand just like a boy friend and girl friend.
but hurt to know, people said that love is more than just a holding hand.

Realized that i was so deep in love with you,
sometimes i feel so lucky enough.
But at the other time, i'm tired living on your roller coaster life.
So, what can i do except trying to love you simply, now?

Every morning will never be the same in your hand.
The rain falls in Sunday. And look what you've done, the sun says hello in Monday.
Guess, no one knows you well with your mother as the only exception.

I have to put my expectation(s) under my foot,
because, you are so unpredictable.
and I'am become so clueless.
Oh, why you used to be so mysterious?

sincerely your biggest fans,

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