Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

but i will never delete you from my lovely people list

Mbak Cantik Yang I Adore So Much.. (mcyiasm)
for god sake
for my photo exhibition sake
and for everything
i don't mind to disturb your relation ship
i just want to make my promise comes true

can you stop tweeting or updating status about begging me to stop spoil your BF?
hei NO NO i don't mind to spoil your BF and even another girls's
don't let your self doing a stupid think such as giving
too much protection to your BF, you are too worth to do like that!
you make your self seem like a security.

i swear, i adore you so much.
you are so beautifull, you are so strong, you are so cool, and smart for sure
we have shared so many things that happened to us
i feel so deep enjoy to tell you about my story
i let you know, mcyiasm.. I'm hurt. So-much-hurt i mean
but what can i do?
the more i move
the more you blame me
but i will never 'safe' you like you ever did to me :p
i'll let you make all the peoples think that i'm the one who did wrong, i'm cruel, i'm bastard or even i'm bitch
it's up to you
it's not because i want to take people's attantion
it's not because i want to get people's sympathy
perhaps, it's just because i'm "kampungan". :p

get a happy life mcyiasm.

you were begging me to quit..
yes.. i'll quit!

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