Rabu, 14 Juli 2010



After long time got no confidence to be a photo model ehm, finally i have a power to told about my desire to have a serious photoshot to ROBITU HUKAMA. A guy who finally decided to gave his soul to PHOTOGRAPHY. :D
the other important person of this photoshot was KIKI MELACLARA.

That was the best afternoon i ever had #too much haha.
Having a very very good time to take a lot of pictures.
My pictures and his pictures. Well, our pictures i mean. :D
enjoy.. :D
(sorry for the ugly of mine)

a boy beside me was Bagus Indro Nugroho

he makes me smile
he makes me happy
he makes me broken heart
he makes me sad
he makes me cry
he makes me learn
he makes me feel this world

friend? NO
best friend? NO
well then.. No No No he is not my boyfriend too.. :D
we are more than just in a relation ship.
we are more than just a girl and a boy who spend their time in the mall and go home together.
we are soulmate. Yes soulmate. At least for our self and in our mind . :D

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