Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Fariz's Bird-Day.

It is July, 16th 2011.
My UFO's friend, Fariz Ryadi has a birthday today.
Unfortunatelly, we are not in a same town now.
So i can't bring him a cup of cake and a couple of candles with all of my hits girls or the other UFO's member like always.

My housemate; Wahy, her boyfriend; Rendy, and I made him
a black cutie bird

and sent that to his house in Bekasi,
whereas he is not home. :p

This is the greating card.
Originally made by my own hand, so you can guess how mess it is.

Why 18th, btw?
Fariz said that he was 17th, last year.
This year is absolutely his 18th birthday. LOL


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