Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

although many people said wrong..

we just met at facebook first, when i was on a damn shit situation several months ago.

he called me "Widi", he said Widi is sweeter than Astrini.
I let him to called me what ever he wants as long as it not makes me damage.
he have a crush with my pink bottle. :p
he likes my ekspression when he said "salah lagiiiiii". :D
he likes to twits me
-and maybe, he also twits another girls :p-
he likes to spreads his enchantment
he likes to plays magic box and yes, he is expert! :D
he loves togo snack so bad

i love the way he prohibits me not to take my helmet in the motorcycle's jok.
i love the way he takes the mc flurry from the waitress and give me one, then
i love the way he rememberes all the things that i've said
i love the way he gives me some decision when i said "up to you"


i dont give a damn about what we will be.
thx for greets me every morning before i wake up.
we have to cross Jogjakarta by Trans Jogja with ChaCha candy and Ciki!

2 komentar:

  1. tulisan fucking fuckingnya kuarreeeenn kaachi
    bikin ahh

  2. yang keren kan aku kabennnn HAHAHA NAJES